To register for any of our upcoming classes, please call Hounds of York at (416) 593-5225.

Upcoming Classes
  • Manners 101, Tricks 101,  Agility 101 (June 2017)
  • Reactivity 101 (July 2017)
  • Puppy Kindergarten Class (Starts Wednesday May 3, 2017)
Puppy Kindergarten Class

Just like kindergarten for kids, your dog will learn the basics, learn to share, You and your puppy attend 4 – 50 min classes taken once per week over the 5 weeks (if you miss a class you can make it up the next class).

Cost $160 + HST.


  • Basic manners: sit, down, attention, stand
  • Walk with me: walk on a loose leash, correct way to meet on a leash (humans and dogs), walking through doors
  • Proper play techniques: keep your puppy safe while playing with other puppies and mature dogs
  • Puppy Socialization: explore strange sounds, textures and objects, other socialization activities you should do with your puppy
  • Recognizing basic dog behaviours: learn when and what to reward and how to deal with unwanted behaviours
  • Discussion Topics:
    • Proper crate training
    • Potty Training tips and tricks
    • Separation Anxiety and how to avoid it
    • Nutrition, feeding schedules, foods to avoid
    • Dealing with nipping, barking, jumping and rough play
    • Fear responses and how to handle
    • Grooming and handling your puppy
  • Handling “teenage” issues:  understand what hormone changes will do to your puppy and how to handle it