Hounds of York Training Dogs to Stand

How to register for a class:

Step 1: Register with us online.           Already registered? See step 2. 

Step 2: Call (416) 593 5225, visit us in store or click the link below to purchase a class.

Our Methods

At Hounds of York we are committed to using humane methods supported by science. We help you and your dog build a strong relationship using force-free, positive methods. All our training classes are created and taught by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. 

 Manners School

A Levels Based Training Program

For All Dogs Over 16 Weeks 


Feel like you don't have the time to commit to a weekly training class? Don’t want to waste time and money learning behaviours your dog already knows? We've got you covered! Manners School offers you the flexibility to train the behaviours you want on your schedule with drop-in style classes. Manners School offers 5 types of class modules that each focus on a unique skill. Some modules are offered in two parts, to begin learning the foundations in part 1 and expand to more advanced skills in part 2. Modules are offered on a variety of days/times. You choose the skills you want to work on and drop-in to the class of your choice.

What's Next?

1. Fill out our registration form (Skip this step if you already have an account with us).         

2. Buy a package of your choice (2, 4, 6, and 8 class passes available).

3. Start learning at home with the orientation videos that will be sent to you upon purchase.

4. Use the online booking system to sign up for the classes you want to attend (a link will be sent in your Welcome Email).

Manners School Modules

1. Foundation Clicker Skills: 

Perfect for those who are new to clicker training and want to practice the basics to build a strong foundation with their dog. Learn how to use foundational clicker skills like luring, capturing, targeting, and shaping. Apply your skills with basic exercises like the name game, stationing, sit, down, stand, and touch. 

2. Lovely Leash Walking (Two Parts): 

Make walks more enjoyable for you and your dog! Teach your dog to stop pulling on leash and choose to heel. Learn how to walk passed distractions with ease. Part one is taught inside the training room at Hounds of York to master your leash handling skills. Homework exercises to practice at home. In part two, take your skills out into the real world with this outdoor class in the park. 

3. Reliable Recall (Two Parts):

Teach your dog to come when called, every time! Part one is taught inside the training room at Hounds of York to master your recall cue. Fun games to practice recall at home. In part two, take your skills out into the real world with this outdoor class in the park (long-lines provided for safety, no off-leash practice).

4. Rowdy to Relaxed (Two Parts): 

Teach your dog to relax anywhere! In part 1, learn how to teach your dog to lie down on a mat on cue and stay. Take your exercise home to practice stay in different places. In part 2, learn how to use this exercise to stop barking at the door, jumping on visitors, counter surfing, and more! 

5. Don’t Eat That! 

Learn how to tackle counter surfing, scavenging, and eating garbage. Teach your dog the difference between leave it, drop it, and take it. 

Pricing and Packages

All Packages include:
Orientation Videos to start learning before your first class &
Homework activities to practice your skills before and after class 
Available Packages:

2-Class Pass $110 + HST (Valid for 60 days from purchase) 

 4-Class Pass $211.20 + HST (valid for 60 days from purchase)

 6-Class Pass $310.20 + HST (valid for 90 days from purchase)

 8-Class Pass $404.80 + HST (valid for 90 days from purchase)

 1 Class Add-On $55*

 *Only available to those who have already purchased a class pass.
All expire dates are counted from date of purchase.

No refunds or extensions  

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Hounds of York Lab Puppy

Puppy Pre-School

$249 + HST (5 weeks) 


This course is offered in a looping curriculum, and classes do not need to be completed in any order. Start any Wednesday and attend for 5 consecutive weeks to complete the curriculum. 

Eligibility: Puppies must be under 12 weeks old on the date of their first class. This is to ensure all puppies graduate by 16 weeks of age.

Did you know that a puppy's critical socialization window closes around 16 weeks of age?

This 5-week comprehensive course will set you and your puppy up for success from the start. With a focus on positive socialization and building strong foundation behaviours, Puppy Pre-School will help your puppy develop confidence and resilience, and start you off on the right foot for training.

*Please note: no refunds, make-ups for missed classes.  Pay in full to reserve spot.

A clicker and a bag of training treats are included in the cost of the course. 

Puppy Pre-School Format 

Classes are offered in a looping curriculum and do not have to be completed in any order. This means you can start at any class, so you can begin the course as soon as your puppy is eligible. Homework activities and handouts are provided by email with each class so you can get the most out of your training.  

Homework and Handouts Include:
  •  Orientation video 
  •  Information on dog developmental stages 
  •  Tips for addressing common puppy behaviours 
  •  Training exercise instructions 
In-Person Classes Cover:
  •  Discussion topic 
  •  Training exercise 
  •  Socialization exercise 
  •  Supervised puppy play sessions 

 Puppy Pre-School In-Person Class Curriculum 

Discussion Topics
Training Exercises
Socialization Exercises
1 House training and routine Sit and Down Alone time, crate and confinement training
2 Meeting your dog’s needs Tug and Trade (Drop) New environments, surfaces, sights, and sounds
3 Biting, jumping, chewing, stealing, and other normal puppy behaviours Touch/Hand Target Polite greetings with new people and animals
4 Visiting the vet and groomer Go to mat Accepting handling, restraint, and grooming
5 Choosing the right equipment Loose Leash Walking Games Accepting new equipment and clothing
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